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Premier League spreads out: dominance of North West and London has lessened

Norwich’s decision to reimburse fans who travelled the long road to Swansea last fortnight, only to see their team limp to a 3-0 defeat, got me thinking about the locations of clubs in the Premier League.

I remembered that, only a few years ago, hardly any clubs based outside the football heartlands of the North West and London were in the Premier League. As you can see from the map below, the concentration in these two corners of the country in the 2010-11 season was quite startling.

Premier League 2010-11 clubs' location

Note: click on the map to be taken to an interactive version.

Yet this seems to have changed of late, providing more diversity for Premier League away fans. The map below shows the locations of clubs in the 2013-14 season.

Premier League 2013-14 clubs' location

Note: click on the map to be taken to an interactive version.

The promotions of Southampton, Norwich and Hull, along with those of the two Welsh clubs, have contributed to a more diverse Premier League.

Of course, the fact that these teams have been only recently promoted means it should be no surprise that the country’s best-performing clubs remain in the North West and London. For the sake of more interesting away days, however, it is preferable to have a more even spread of clubs around the country – and, with Leicester City (of the East Midlands) already set to join the league next season, it looks like the concentration of a few years ago has gone for good.