Welcome to BayleyBloke’s blog.

I am a budding journalist on a year-long Master’s course at City University, London, so expect many more articles to be added throughout the coming year (2013/14). As I have not studied journalism before, my articles might currently seem raw, so please bear with me, as the next year should see a noticeable refinement of my technique.

Although this is my first individual blog, I was previously Politics Editor at The Bubble, which is a collaborative blog run by students at Durham University, where I read for an undergraduate degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (2009-12).

As the general nature of my degree might imply, I will be writing on a wide range of issues, as my interests are very broad. One area on which my writing will focus, however, will be the tools and techniques that I encounter whilst learning about digital journalism.

All comments will be read and considered, so please feel free to give feedback. Most importantly, though, I hope you enjoy what you find here.

About meTumblr.

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