Data map: London has England and Wales’ top five multicultural areas

With much hyperbole surrounding the national debate about immigration and Britain’s increasingly multicultural society, it is useful to inject some facts into the discussion.

And, as you might expect, London dominates when it comes to England and Wales’ most multicultural areas.

Location White residents
Newham 29%
Brent 36%
Harrow 42%
Redbridge 43%
Tower Hamlets 45%
Slough 46%
Ealing 49%
Leicester 51%
Hounslow 51%
Waltham Forest 52%

Top of the table is Newham, only 29% of whose residents are white. This compares with the Isles of Scilly at the other end, where a whopping 99% of residents are white.

As the map below shows, the areas where the proportion of white residents is at its lowest are, without exception, urban areas.

White residents map

Click the map to be taken to an interactive version.

Disclaimer: unfortunately, the geocodes for St. Albans were unavailable in the dataset I downloaded from the Office for National Statistics. I assure you, however, that its figure was unexceptional: 88% of its residents are white.

Are you surprised by this result? Is there any way I could have improved this story? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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